Селин Дион - I surrender МИНУС на ПОЛ ТОНА НИЖЕ

Селин Дион - I surrender МИНУС на ПОЛ ТОНА НИЖЕ


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Текст песни Rainbow - I Surrender (Joe Lynn Turner)

There's so much life I've left to live
And this fire is burning still
When I watch you look at me
I think I could find the will
To stand for every dream
And forsake this solid ground
And give us this fear within
Of what would happen if they ever knew
I'm in love with you

'Cause I'd surrender everything
To feel the chance to live again
I reach to you
I know you can feel it too
We'd make it through
A thousand dreams I still believe
I'd make you give them all to me
I'd hold you in my arms and never let go
I surrender

I know I can't survive
Another night away from you
You're the reason I go on
And now I need to live the truth
Right now, there's no better time
From this fear I will break free
And I'll live again with love
And no they can't take that away from me
And they will see...


Every night's getting longer
And this fire is getting stronger, babe
I'll swallow my pride and I'll be alive
Can't you hear my call
I surrender all

Right here, right now
O give my life to live again
I'll break free, take me
My everything, I surrender all to you


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