Ink Potts The Count of Monte Cristo - I WILL BE THERE

(Ink Potts) The Count of Monte Cristo - I WILL BE THERE


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Текст песни 2/6 I WILL BE THERE (animatic)

In the light that falls at moonrise
In the rhythm of the rain
In the miracle of ordinary days
In the hush of night
I will be in the whisper of lovers
Everywhere, you will find me there

In the rustle of a curtain
In the bustle of the world
In a thousand little unexpected ways
When you lift your gaze
I will be like the shimmer of one small star
Out there, shining everywhere

I will be there beside you through
The lonely nights that fall
So close your eyes, remember my embrace
I will be there like mercy
I will find you through it all
This do I swear, I will be there



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